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Why use synthetic grass direct?

Below are just a few of the many benefits of purchasing synthetic grass from us

Get high quality synthetic grass at extremely low import prices and avoid the lengthy and strenuous importing process. This can help company cash flow as deposits and payments for importing dont have to be paid whilst waiting for shipments to arrive.

Stock is readily available and can be delivered to your door generally within four working days.

All our grass is UV tested and proven to last against the harsh australian sun and climate.

The markup price is up to you! Onsell SGD grass with a low mark-up and move volume or raise the price and onsell as premium product.

A seamless, no risk way of introducing a new product into your range. Onsell our products as a cheaper alternative, as an on “special” grass, or as a premium product.

SGD is an Australian owned and Australian based company. You will only deal with our friendly staff, with consistent production times and the highest level of quality control always assured.

Generate more sales and increase client retention rates. Unlike most other synthetic grass suppliers, SGD does not brand our rolls or set up displays and stands with our logo or signage. This prevents customers going direct to the supplier.

Purchase bulk orders or multiple rolls for discounts on already amazingly low prices.

About Us

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Synthetic Grass Specifications

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Winter Lush 35


Summer Cool 35


Tru Cool 40


Autumn Breeze 40


Spring Bloom 40


Deluxe 48